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Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out our story and some life adventures.  We are best friends, business partners in our photography business. Deb’s also a writer and Fred is the IT guru, well in Deb’s eyes anyways.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary we embarked on a journey of epic proportions, hiking the Appalachian Trail.  On February 14, 2014, on the heels of winter storm Pax we made our to Springer Mountain Georgia to begin our 2,185 mile hike to Maine but, all to soon our journey ended 225 miles later~half way through the Smoky Mountains. Why? Prior to our departure Deb’s foot doctor had suggested surgery on her foot due to a missing bone in her big toe and a bunion all on the same foot, but Deb figured she had walked fine all her life so why mess with it. She knew going in that she would face pain like everyone else and maybe a little more. What she didn’t plan on was developing Plantar Fasciitis on her jacked up foot.  Thinking her increasing pain was from the bunion and toe she trudged on for over 70 miles, each mile more painful than the previous one. The decision to end the hike was a painful one but one that had to be made.  

Fast forward to 2014 and Deb’s foot is getting better each day and the decision has been made for Deb to not hike the trail again in 2015 which just left Fred on his own. He will start again at Springer Mountain and he will make it to Katahdin.  So after 1146 miles and Fred getting hospitalized in Hagerstown, MD he had to end his hike. So that brings us to 2016 were Ded will join Fred going back to Springer and walking north to Katahdin.

In case you are wondering why I chose to go on this journey, the trail is in my soul and it’s something I HAVE to do. As for Debbie’s reason besides following my dumb ass into the woods, I have no idea but I’m sure she will let you know someday.



I am 54 years old and Deb is **  I better let her tell you that way I will stay out of trouble. We have been living in Kansas City for the past 18 plus years. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Arkansas when I was a sophomore in H.S.  As soon as I was old enough I joined the Navy and stayed for 15 years getting out as a Chief Petty Officer. We have been fortunate enough to live in many great cities and towns over our 32 years together. But our greatest accomplishment thus far has been our children and grandchildren. As Deb says “we gave up our 20’s to have our 40’s” and we’re enjoying every minute.

Deb has many fun and informative stories about the trail, life and our family, so go check out Deb’s Corner and Life behind the lens. While on the trail she will continue to do her best to keep this blog updated along our journey, though it may be only once or twice a week.  So please subscribe to the blog to get updates about our little walk in the woods.  If you would like to contact or follow Debbie and I while we are on the trail, we can be reached through email:


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