Appalachian Trail 2016

Day One on the Appalachian Trail

By on February 23, 2016

We arrived on Saturday at Amicalola Falls, checked in as numbers 118 and 119 on the thru-hiker sign in sheet. Weighed our packs, I came in at twenty pounds and 3-Mile at twenty seven. A much improved pack weight from 2014.  With our pack weights lowered and new footwear, we were ready to hit the trail.

After a restless night’s sleep, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the lodge, before our friend Rachel drove us to Springer.  The morning was a sea of fog and mist which couldn’t dampen our spirits (pun intended).  We signed the log book, made a video, took some pictures and off we went.  My mental attitude was completely different than 2014. I was ready for the hike to start and I honestly enjoyed the days hike.  We spent a good part of the day in and out of light rain and the glistening drops on the trees was extremely pretty.  After a break visiting with our friend, No-Sew we made it to the Hawk Mountain Shelter. Nothing had changed from our previous time here, including the mice. As soon as we arrived at the shelter the rain started, which made our decision to not tent an easy one, but not the right one. The mice were scampering everywhere and I envisioned them looking like Jerry from my childhood favorite cartoon, or Jack and GusGus from Cinderella.  Somehow this fantasy kept me somewhat calm during the night.  At one point during the night, just like every night, I reached over to make sure Fred was covered up and he sat straight up and started flailing his arms. I thought he was dreaming that a mouse was on him. When I told him about this in the morning, he said at the same time I was covering him up a mouse was running up his other arm. All I can say better him, than me.

Now in addition to the mouse party the snoring was UNREAL!  Chainsaw for obvious reasons was relentless in his snoring, along with the other hikers chiming in and the rain hitting the roof, a peaceful night’s sleep was not to be had. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything except maybe minus the mice.

What you do today is important, because you are giving up a day of your life for it.

Until next time, love what you do!

Lil D



October 19, 2016

  • Gorp-Gobbler

    Fred & Debbie, Good Luck on your hike this year, I’ll be following along with you. I had hoped to do a “Flip-Flop Thru-Hike” this year, but having just acquired an apartment, I realized it wasn’t feasible financially. I love your blog so far, keep up the awesome work.
    Happy Trails!

  • Thanks, It will happen when you least expect to.

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