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Deb’s Chronicles

Deb's Chronicles

We will miss you LUIS!

By on February 6, 2017

Last night at 8:59 pm we lost a dear friend and family member. Our grief is bittersweet. Our hearts are breaking for his wife and three teenage daughters, yet…

Deb's Chronicles Smoky Mountains

October in The Smoky Mountains

By on October 21, 2016

October in the Smoky Mountains is an experience to be treasured. Surrounded by breathtaking views and the magnificent colors of the fall foliage at every turn is magical.  We…

Deb's Chronicles

Final days before hitting the trail

By on February 20, 2016

Sitting in our room at Amicola Falls on the eve of starting our Appalachian Trail thru-hike, we are reflecting on the past week and all the others that have…

Deb's Chronicles

Ready or not! T Minus 11

By on February 10, 2016

To say the days are flying is an understatement, as we prepare for our hike and all that is involved with it. Months of planning is coming to an…

Deb's Chronicles

Face your fears, make the commitment

By on January 18, 2016

The reality of doing anything different and getting out of your comfort zone requires facing your fears. This is true for everyone and recently I was at that crossroads…

Deb's Chronicles

Her Smile is a Beacon of Sunshine

By on December 14, 2015

In the winter of 2014, little did I know that when I encountered a beautiful young woman with a laugh that echoed for miles through the woods, that in…

Deb's Chronicles

Bonds forged over a Common Goal

By on September 8, 2014

“Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life…

Deb's Chronicles

A curve in the trail

By on August 27, 2014
With that being said and with a couple months back at home, I can say that 2015 cannot get here quick enough for me. I can’t wait to hike my own hike and get back to the trail.
Deb's Chronicles

A detour from the Appalachian Trail

By on June 3, 2014

When I started writing for Appalachian Trials I wondered what I could bring to the many followers of the blog. After my first two blogs, I learned that the…

Deb's Chronicles

Following Dreams

By on March 20, 2014

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free. If They Come Back They’re Yours
As a young girl I can remember hearing this quote and wondering if I’d ever find a…